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Fashion Design

Here is a boom in the fashion industry like never before. It is more than $35 billion industry, growing at 9% each year. And the demand for good fashion designers is growing. But are there enough good fashion designers available in the industry? Are you looking for a fine fashion design course to be a designer?

INIFD offers the best Fashion Design Courses. The Fashion Design course has been meticulously designed by the seasoned faculty members and industry experts.

INIFD Deccan offers a fashion design course that enables any aspirant to be a fashion designer with a sound knowledge. The same fashion design course from INIFD Deccan has helped many aspirants become expert designers, and earn a good name in the industry. So are you ready to become a highly-paid fashion designer?

INIFD’s fashion design Institutes is also heavily backed by a strong alumni network, expert faculty, infrastructure, and placement facility. A fashion design course at INIFD will help you showcase your talent. The INIFD  fashion design institute gives a platform to its aspiring designers to come out with their creativity. Most of the students who have passed INIFD are more than happy with the fashion design course that they pursued because they have enhanced their abilities, and they are more confident about themselves. This is why they are successful today.

  • One Year Program
  • Two Year Program
  • Four Year Program
  1. Elements of Design
  2. Illustration & Fashion
  3. Model Drawing
  4. Drafting & Pattern Making – I & II
  5. Garment Construction – I & II
  6. Fabric Study
  7. CAD – I & II
  8. Fashion Art
  9. Indian Art & Costume Appreciation
  10. Embroidery & Surface Ornamentation
  1. Elements of Design
  2. Illustration & Fashion
  3. Model Drawing
  4. Drafting & Patten Making
  5. Garment Construction
  6. Fabric Study
  7. Compute Aided
  8. Design (CAD)
  9. Fashion At Indian At & Costume Appreciation
  10. Embroidery & Surface
  11. Ornamentation
  12. Design Process
  13. Study of Apparel Marketing
  14. Traditional Texture and Embroidery
  15. World At & Costume Appreciation
  16. Pattern Making,
  17. Grading, and Draping
  18. Survey of Apparel
  19. Merchandising
  20. Documentation
  1. English Prose & Usage
  2. Drafting & Pattern Making
  3. Fabric Artistry & Embroidery
  4. Fashion Illustration & Model Drawing
  5. Design & Colour Concept
  6. Art Portfolio
  7. Project Work
  8. Fabric study
  9. Basics of fashion
  10. Fashion Art
  11. History of Indian Costumes
  12. Garment Construction
  13. Garment Construction- II &III
  14. Textile Study Applicable to Fashion Art
  15. Apparel Marketing & Merchandising
  16. Documentation
  17. Study of Apparel Manufacturing Process
  18. Drafting & Pattern Making- II &III
  19. Retail Marketing & visual Merchandising
  20. Advance Illustration
  21. Care renovation & Textiles
  22. Traditional embroidery
  23. World History
  24. Pattern making Grading & Draping
  25. Design Process
  26. CorelDraw & Photoshop
  27. Illustrator & Advanced illustrator


Does Fashion Design Course have scope for a better career?
Yes, pursuing a Fashion Design Course can shape your career.
What can I become after Fashion Design Course?
Fashion Designer Fashion Stylist Accessories Designer And More
Will I get Job Opportunities?
Yes, You will get many job opportunities
Will I get a chance to present my designs in events?
Yes, during the fashion designing course, INIFD Deccan organizes many events

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