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Joining Interior Design Courses is the new hype in the market. There has been a great rise in the real estate field. This rise was an effect of Global Interactions and increasing Industrialization on international level. This resulted in development of modern and attractive infrastructure all around the globe, which was design by great interior designer. With increased income level and global connectivity, the demand for luxury, comfort, and aesthetics in the interior have grown tremendously. And therefore, the demand for good interior designers has also shot up.

There are multiple Interior Design Courses which will make you a good Interior Designer. You can select course duration from 1 year to 3 years. During this training, you learn to effectively use the various elements of Interior Design like furniture, lighting, space management, etc. After completing one of the Interior Design Courses, you can even polish your specific skill by selecting only that particular course for your specialization for example retail interior designer.

Getting good certification for any of the Interior Design Courses will open up a big world of opportunities for you. You can join an existing firm in the market to get practical experience or if you have faith in your skills, you can even start your own firm. So you have the freedom to work with someone or be your own boss.

  • One Year Program
  • Two Year Program
  • Four Year Program
  1. Basic Design
  2. Colour & Art
  3. Interior Construction
  4. Basics
  5. Computer Basics
  6. Design
  7. Interior Design Theory
  8. Construction
  9. Computer Aided Design
  1. Design
  2. Art and Graphics
  3. Construction
  4. Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  5. Interior Design Theory
  6. Furniture Design and Construction
  7. Interior Construction
  8. Lighting Techniques & Applications
  9. Concept of Structures
  10. Estimating & Budgeting
  11. Interior Service Systems
  1. English: Prose and Usage
  2. Business English
  3. Design Sources & Materials
  4. Fundamentals of Interior Graphics I&II
  5. Art & Architectural History I&II
  6. Interior Design Studio I, II&III
  7. Estimating & Budgeting
  8. Landscape Design
  9. Retail Design
  10. Interior Architecture Foundation Studio
  11. Furniture Design I & II
  12. Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  13. Interior Construction I & II
  14. Interior Service Systems
  15. Lighting Techniques & Applications
  16. Concept of Structures
  17. Thesis Project
  18. Restaurant & Bar Design


Does Interior Design Courses have scope for a better career?
There is big demand for interior designers in the market
What can I become after Interior Design Courses?
Interior Designer Interior Stylist Visual Merchandiser And More
Will I get Job Opportunities?
Yes, You will get many job opportunities
Will I get a chance to present my designs in events?
Yes, during the fashion designing course, INIFD Deccan organizes many events

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